4 Month Supply
4 Month Supply

Price: $150.00

 by DJ Henson
Ordered on a tuesday and received the product a couple days later. They were really quick on responses to my emails as well.

In respect to the product. What can I say.... It's sarms.... For those that know what this product can do then you know what I am saying. For those that don't. All I have to say is give it a couple months and you will be blown away. This is the first time buying from extreme muscle and they have done a really good job making a clean safe product for those of us that want to fly under the radar. I have went through several tests and haven't went over on any of them.

I have just finished my 3 rd month and I promised I would come back to report.

So far a total of 31 pounds of very lean mass. I probably only need to drop about 4 or 5 pounds of unwanted fat. Also no bloating at all. I mean known whatsoever. No crazy mood swings where I want to punch a hole in the wall one minute and cry the next. Oh ya I said cray. Let's admit it guys, when we are hitting the needle we turn into women. No breakouts. No loss of sex drive. Actually it's quite the opposite.

Anyone who is on sarms and wants to share like I have. make sure you do. We need to get the word out so we can start brining a better reputation to our industry.

Good luck!!!!!!
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