1 Month Supply -
1 Month Supply -

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 by Jericho Davis
So far so good.

--- I think that I have been gettin some good results - I put on a few pounds in the first 2 weeks - Now by the 4th week I have put on another 3 pounds. - -- gonna check my fat percentage -- I feel like it's lean mass since i haven't noticed any extra fat weight gain-

I have a weigh in on Saturday so I will get all the stats the -- I will have a better idea how things look after this next weigh in.

I noticed that people are talking about the lack of side effects. --- the only thing that I noticed that may be a side effect is that I am really hungry all the time. --- my workout partner says it might be that I need more calories since I am getting a more intense workout - gonna bump of the cals a little and see how that helps
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