1 Month Supply -
1 Month Supply -

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 by Shawn Fitzimmons
I am taking this with a group at my gym which includes myself, 4 guys and 1 women. Told about through a trainer that works at our gym who told us we need to give it a try. Everyone has been using it now for almost a month. For the first couple of weeks only 1 of the guys noticed much. Now after 4 weeks in everyone is starting to see some very promising changes in their workouts and their look.

A quick run down for you -

Me - Gained 3 pounds - Lost 1% body fat

Guy # 1 ( Richard ) Gained 4 pounds - Same body fat %

Guy # 2 (Blake) gained a crazy 6 pounds - no change in body fat %

Guy #3 and #4 have not given me their weigh in amounts

Women has gained 1 pound and lost 2% body fat

These are numbers that are hard to deny. I will come back in about a month and get you all an update.
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