1 Month Supply -
1 Month Supply -

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 by Frank Linvingston
Been on SARMs now for exactly 4 weeks. At first I was frustrated since I wasn't seeing the results that I wanted and expected. I did some reading and read some reviews to find that most guys said they didn't see much for the first 2 weeks then it just kicked into gear.

4 weeks in and I am stoked.. Crazy gains ... tons of energy..

So far I have put on a whopping 8 pounds. this is more than I had put on in the last 4 months prior to using Sarms.

I know that some guys are getting better results. I have never been one to put much mass on and this is finally something I can count on.

Oh ya, another thing. I was told by people I know that they heard that sarms has tons of side effects. I did my own research and didn't find that type of information. I haven't noticed anything at all. I have noticed my libido is crazy out of control. which could never be considered a bad side effect. The one thing that has really got me excited is that I don't feel burn out where I feel like quitting. I count the minutes until I hit the gym.

Try it out yourself and your will be right here leaving your story like everyone else.
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