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Many People Ask, How is Our SARMs supplement different from our competition?


Unfortunately, there are websites out there that try to appear as though they have legitimate SARMs products that they market.  We have done many months of research on these so called "SARMs" sites.  We have found that most of them have the same thing in common.  They all have the wording "NOT FOR HUMAN USE" on their labels and sites.  These are extremely dangerous as know one really can tell what they have in their product ingredients.  We did some research on a few and found that there were a multitude of ingredients which are considered unsafe.  Some of then even contain Anabolic Steroids to give the effect of SARMs without any SARMs in the product.  These companies will probably not be around for long.  However, consumers need to know how to protect themselves from these websites.  One way to protect yourself is to ask for a COA (Certificate of Analysis) along with whether or not their product was manufactured in a cGMP quality controlled laboratory.  Any reputable supplement company would not do business with a manufacturer that was no certified through cGMP standards.



What About The Products That I Have Seen That Come From Large Well Known Companies That Say SARMS on The Label?


Don't be fooled.  One of the most frustrating things when buying a supplement is when the product label with the name of an ingredient without actually containing this ingredient in the product.  We have seen this in several cases where the bottle says SARMs or some spin on the name and the SARMs doesn't show up in the supplement facts with the other ingredients.  There are a couple well known companies that sell a product with SARMs right on the front of the label.  The only problem is that their main ingredient is DHEA or some ingredient not related to SARMs.  They will usually put a fancy long chemical compound name in the ingredient list and try to mislead the consumer into thinking it is a chemical name for SARMs.